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Welcome to the dc312 readme

We're put together some key resources for current members of dc312, those looking to join, and those just passing through. You're encouraged to look through these pages and, if there's a question you don't see answered, feel free to email info [at] dc312 [dot] org!

Staying Connected Remotely

There's a number of services we have to offer remote access to the rest of the dc312 crew. You can see more about our philosphy of self-hosting and leveraging open source whenever possible at the dc312 tech philosophy.

Getting a dc312 Member Account

In order to access any services requiring a credential, including internal git and chat, you need a dc312 member account. For the time being, request one by emailing ogden [at] dc312 [dot] org with the subject of "gitlab access" along with your desired handle in the body of the email.

The dc312 services

  • Chat - MatterMost - To keep in touch with other members, MatterMost is our internal chat server.
  • git Private Repositories - For internal projects that aren't meant for public contribution or use, the dc312 git repo provides access to source code for our site, resources, and artifacts from meetings.
  • GitHub - When projects are made public, repositories from our GitLab are mirrored over to GitHub for easier consumption.